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Lost Car Keys Replacement

You have no idea where you lost them but the car keys are now lost and you desperately need to get on the road!
We are here for time like this and we can come to you and quickly unlock the car to make sure the keys are not hiding inside.
If the keys are not to be found, we will decode the locks on the car and make a new key or fob to fit he original locks on your car and the program new transponder and central locking remote ready for you to be back on the road without delay and at prices much lower than calling the garage tow truck out.
When replacing keys which have been lost or stolen, we may ask if the owner wants us to delete the lost/stolen keys from the security system

Lost Car Keys Replacement

Lost Car Keys Replacement

Stolen Keys

If the keys for your vehicle have been stolen, then we will, for your security and peace of mind delete the missing keys so that they cannot be used to start your vehicle and if they ever turn up again, we are able to re instate the keys so that they work again.

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