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When you buy a new car or van you usually get a spare set of keys. This has many benefits, from family members to weak batteries to misplacement. Unfortunately most of us only realise we need a spare key when we need it.

Having a spare key is always a good idea, whether from wear and tear or from accidentally locking your keys in your vehicle. The most cost effective way is to have a spare set before disaster strikes and here at AA247 we can cut and program most makes and models of vehicles at a fraction of the cost of dealerships. Our mobile auto locksmith service is there to help in a time of need and can be there for you, by the roadside to assist in emergencies.

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key wont turn in ignition

Frequently Asked Questions

ECU Immobliser

Modern car / van keys are technologically advanced systems. There are different types of keys for example remote keys, keys with transponder chips, keyless and these fit different makes and models of vehicles.

Prices for keys depends on the make and modal of your vehicle, its key type, location, out of hours and many other factors. There is no set price for a key, but you can reduce the amount you pay.

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Frequently Asked Questions

There is no getting around the cost of a replacement key for your make and model of vehicle, but there are other things you can do to get a better deal on a replacement key. Lets look at the options

  • Dealerships It may surprise you, but car dealerships are typically the most expensive places to get a replacement key, they also usually have the longest lead times. Often without the necessary equipment themselves, many cases dealerships will call auto locksmiths and charge you the additional service cost.

  • Local Garage Like dealerships, most garages do not hold the specialist equipment to carry out replacement car and van keys. It is always worth asking whilst you are there, but in most cases they too will contact an auto locksmith

  • Breakdown Service If you have breakdown cover that includes car key replacement then it is worth speaking to them and checking if they have your make and model equipment, if this effects your cover or if there is additional cost to pay

  • Auto Locksmith Most auto locksmiths can cut and reprogram your car / van key without the need for the original and offer mobile services. Always get your make and model ready as not all auto locksmith carry all the equipment and keys necessary for your car / van. If your key has been stolen, they can usually deprogram the original keys as well as repair locks

  • Timing Emergency call outs. especially after hours, busy times or remote locations will all add to the cost of replacement keys

The most cost effective way to replace car/van key is to call an auto locksmith like us.
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Frequently Asked Questions

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Some insurance policies have replacement key cover. The price of the replacement and the value of the cover can range considerably. With replacement keys ranging from around £200 into thousands and cover typically ranging from £500 to £1000 depending on the level of cover.

You should always check with your insurer and/or your policy documents. Make sure you ask what your options are, for example, you may have to pay an excess and claiming may effect your no-claims bonus

Common Fault Fixes

ok why? what can I try? what do I have to be careful of? is this common for certain makes and models?

It may sound obvious but is your steering lock stuck. Jiggling the steering wheel can sometimes help, but be careful not to force the key as it can break and this will end up being more costly.

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Common Fault Fixes

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What should you do when the ignition key not turning is not turning ? The first thing to try is check the steering column lock. This can usually be unlocked by gently rocking the steering wheel. If your key is sticky it can be a sign that either your key or lock levers are worn. This happens slightly every time you slide your key in and out and builds over time. If your key is sticky, you should give us a call on 0795 868 88 44 and have us replace it before you get stranded.

Common Fault Fixes

Van keys can from time to time lose their coding to the ECU/Immobiliser, this could be due to a flat battery, water ingress or even being to close to a microwave.

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